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What is home health care?

Home health care aims to administer a plan of treatment for an injury or illness in the comfort of one's own home. The treatments offered to many in a hospital setting can now be done at home, in the presence of loved ones making home health care affordable, convenient, and effective.


Frequently Asked Questions



Who's eligible for home health care?


Firstly, Medicare must be the providing health insurance coverage, which is the only coverage we can accept at the moment. A patient must be homebound, meaning it is physician recommended to stay home due to condition. It can also mean that leaving the home requires a great deal of difficulty and or requires some special assistance in transportation. A physician will need to sign off a plan of care certifying the need for nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc...


What is the cost?


By possessing Medicare and qualifying for eligibility, the cost is ZERO to you.


Will the primary physician need to be changed?


No. Your primary physician will go on as before and remain intact. We are required, however, to have a physician visit our patients in order to prescribe treatment. If you feel more comfortable and at ease with your own primary doctor, we will communicate with he/she to schedule a visit and prescribe the plan of care. If it makes no difference, we have our own home physician who will visit and start the plan of care.


How can I apply to Angel's Care?

We are certainly delighted to hear from professionals looking to join our family. We are always interested in meeting new and qualified RN's, CNA's, PT's, and OT's among others with home care experience. Any interest should be directed at our offices on Irving Park Road at 773.279.8078.


Why is home health care the best option?


Home health care provides an avenue for patients that doesn't require them to have to transport to a hospital or clinic. The same type of treatment you would get in a hospital setting can be done in the comfort of your own home in an effort to regain self sufficiency and experience a personalized health care treatment.


Still a little confused. How can I reach you directly?


Any questions still remaining about eligibility concerns, services, and the procedures should be directed at our offices through e-mail or by phone.  Contact.

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