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We want you to know everything that goes in to the process of home health care to help you make an informed decision.  With knowledge comes peace of mind. 


Whether you're in a nursing home, getting out of the hospital, or just got home, here's a little of what to expect when you are beginning the home health care process. 


Your primary physician will document a face-to-face encounter that will officially certify that you are homebound and in need of intermittent skilled care. 

If you do not have a primary physician, we will have our own physician complete the encounter.


The physician will then send ACHH an order to begin care.  

Angel's Care

Angel's Care Home Health will communicate with the doctor, the patient and/or the patient's family about an appropriate time for an in-home assessment of patients diagnosis, needs, desires and services; in coordination with the physician order and face-to-face document.


The in-home assessment will also include details on, but not limited to:

  • What services are needed

  • Which professionals should provide the services

  • How often the services are needed

  • Medical equipment

  • The results expected from the care episode

Plan of Care

After finalizing the assessment findings, the assigned nurse will develop a plan of care aimed at addressing patient diagnosis, needs, desires, and services. 


The assigned physician will certify the plan of care for a 60 day episode. 


During the 60 day episode, communication with the assigned physician will be constant. 


By the end of the episode If goals have been met, by order of the physician, the patient will be discharged of our care.  If the patient requires continued care, by order of the physician, we will move forward with a second episode of care. 

In Good Hands
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